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How We’re Handling COVID-19

At SeaClean, our top priority is the safety of the customers and professionals using our platform. The services that are available through SeaClean are considered essential and as such, we are operational in all of our usual service areas. That said, we know things now look a bit different than they used to at bookings.

In order to continue to provide you with the exceptional SeaClean service you’ve come to expect, we have implemented the SeaClean Safety Standard which highlights all of the steps we are taking to make every booking as safe as possible for our community. Since the COVID-19 pandemic first began SeaClean has:

If you would like to skip or reschedule a booking please use the form below to let us know and we’d be happy to assist you however we can.

We recommend that you also review the CDC’s guidelines, as well as those of the NHS, for reducing the spread of COVID-19. These include:

On the day of your booking, we recommend you:

We’ve also provided the above guidance to all active SeaClean professionals.

As always, we’re here for you, your home, and the professionals who use our platform. Please use the form below to contact us if you have any additional questions or concerns. Stay safe and thank you for being a valued member of the SeaClean community.